Dogs at the Distillery

When Yelp reached out to us to photograph an event at a distillery with dogs we were like this is a no brainer. Dogs, booze, music, and fun people?? DUH! We're in! Any event with Yelp is a guaranteed good time, so Yelp Indy if you're reading this we're available for future events! Last night Yelp partnered with 8th Day Distillery to show off their new tasting room WHICH IS DOG FRIENDLY. They have been distilling their own spirits for the past two years. You may have tried one of their drinks at your favorite watering hole, but now you can visit them at their new tasting room from 4pm-10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. And trust me, after the drinks they were serving up we will be back! They featured a Gin Gimlet and it was DELISH! The drinks aren't the only thing we will be craving for awhile. LICK ice cream, Bop Bakery, and Soupremacy were also vendors handing out the most fantastic human treats! My fingers are still crossed that I'll win that free panini. And for the pups there was Three Dog Bakery, Dapper in the City, FACE, and Mended Hearts. We got to mingle with so many fun people who all have kick ass dogs. If I could have, I would have taken every one of those pups home with me last night. At the very least for a slumber party (and yes we would all have on matching pajamas). I also wanted to give a shout out to Alex Franc Music for keeping us entertained last night with some awesome tunes! We had such a blast and can't wait to bring our puppies back to the tasting room to hang out and drink some more tasty cocktails!  

Don't forget to schedule your pet portrait session! Email us at to get on the books! 

Don't forget to schedule your pet portrait session! Email us at to get on the books!